US Gallons to UK Gallons Conversion

How to convert US gallons to UK gallons?

1 US gallon is equal to 0.832674 UK gallon. To transform US gallons to UK gallons, multiply the US gallon worth by 0.832674 or divide by 1.20095.

For instance, to convert 5 US gallons to UK gallons, multiply 5 by 0.832674, that makes 4.1633692 UK gallon is 5 US gallons.

1 US Gallon = 0.832674 UK Gallon

How to convert UK gallons to US gallons?

1 UK gallon is equal to 1.20095 US gallons. To transform UK gallons to US gallons, multiply the UK gallon worth by 1.20095.

1 UK Gallon = 1.20095 US Gallons

What’s a Gallon?

Gallon is a quantity unit in Imperial and United States Customary techniques. The image is “gal“.

  • 1 US fluid gallon = 0.832674 Imperial gallon
  • 1 US fluid gallon = 0.859367 US dry gallon
  • 1 Imperial gallon = 1.20095 US fluid gallons
  • 1 Imperial gallon = 1.03205 US dry gallons

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