Miles to Kilometers Conversion

What number of kilometers in a mile?

There are two kinds of miles, the statute mile and the nautical mile. The nautical mile is utilized in air and marine navigation. So, relying on what kind of mile is transformed, the reply to the query of what number of km in a mile could be completely different. In case you are changing from statute miles to km, then there are 1.609344 km in a mile. In case you are measuring the marine or air, it means you might be changing from the nautical miles to kilometers, then there are 1.852 km in a nautical mile.

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On this converter web page, the tables and the converter are based mostly on the statute mile and the kilometers.

The record of conversion components from miles to km:

  • 1 Statute mile = 1.609344 km
  • 1 Worldwide nautical mile = 1.852 km
  • 1 UK nautical mile = 1.853184 km

How to convert miles to kilometers?

1 Mile is equal to 1.609344 kilometer (km). To transform miles to km, multiply the mile worth by 1.609344.

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For instance, to learn the way many kilometers there are in 10 miles, multiply 1.609344 by 10, that makes 16.09344 km in 10 miles.

miles to km formulation

km = mile * 1.609344

Widespread conversions from miles to kilometers:

  • 1 mile = 1.609344 km
  • 2 miles = 3.21869 km
  • 5 miles = 8.04672 km
  • 10 miles = 16.09344 km
  • 20 miles = 32.1869 km
  • 50 miles = 80.4672 km
  • 100 miles = 160.934 km
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What’s a Mile?

Mile is an imperial system size unit. 1 mile = 1.609344 km. The image is “mi“.

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