Australian Cups to Tablespoons Conversion

How to convert Australian cups to Australian tablespoons?

There are 12.5 Australian tablespoons in an Australian cup. To transform Australian cups to tablespoons, multiply the cup worth by 12.5.

For instance, to convert 2 Australian cups to tbsp, multiply 2 by 12.5, that makes 25 tbsp is 2 cups.

1 Australian Cup = 12.5 Australian Tablespoons

To transform between US cups and tablespoons, please go to cups to tablespoons converter.

How to convert Australian tablespoons to cups?

1 Australian tablespoon is equal to 0.08 cup. To transform Australian tablespoons to cups, multiply the tablespoon worth by 0.08 or divide by 12.5.

1 Australian Tablespoon = 0.08 Cup

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